How can the Alexander Technique help performers?

Singers, dancers, actors and musicians study the Technique to reduce performance anxiety, lessen the likelihood of injury and enhance stage presence.  By learning how to relieve tension in the neck and back, singers and actors experience fuller breathing and improved vocal quality.  By learning how to hold themselves and the instrument with less tension, musicians experience playing with greater ease, resulting in improved sound quality.  Dancers learn how to move with more freedom and less tension.

How can the Alexander Technique help with pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood?

The Alexander Technique has much to offer women before, during and after childbirth.

Before pregnancy, study of the Technique will enable you to unlearn harmful postural habits while improving balance and coordination.  This will help prepare you for the changes your body will experience in pregnancy.  

Do the benefits wear off when I stop taking lessons?

After a course of study you can expect the benefits to stay with you as long as you keep in mind what you've learned.  For most people the benefits stay with them for a lifetime.

I sit at a computer all day. Can the Alexander Technique help me be more comfortable?

Repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, headaches and stress-related disorders are common to many computer users. While changes to the work station — chair design, monitor and keyboard placement — can improve the ergonomics, the Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your body comfortably even when the work station is not ideal.  With the Alexander Technique you can learn how to avoid injury and relieve the tension and pain often associated with computer use.

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