Learning the Alexander Technique

Who are some well-known students of the Alexander Technique?

Notable people from a variety of fields have studied the Alexander Technique over the years.  A sampling includes:

What training is required to be an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique?

AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teachers have completed 1,600 hours of training over a minimum of three years in an AmSAT-approved training program maintaining a five-to-one student/teacher ratio, as specified in the AmSAT Bylaws.  

What happens in a lesson?

In an Alexander Technique lesson, your teacher instructs you — with verbal and manual guidance — to approach movement differently. You will learn to recognize habit patterns that may be interfering with ease and flexibility and you’ll learn how to discontinue them. No special clothing needed - normal street attire is appropriate.

There are two parts to a lesson:

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Does everyone need the same number of lessons?

The number of lessons you need depends upon your goals, interests and physical condition. Some students study for 3-5 months, others continue taking lessons after reaching their initial goals and study for years, learning more.  Duration of study is up to you.

Who studies the Alexander Technique?

People of all ages and abilities study the Alexander Technique to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve posture and enhance performance. Examples include:

How long will it be before I see results?

Each lesson will bring new insights that you can apply immediately. Within the first 6-10 lessons you will probably notice that what you are experiencing in your Alexander Technique lessons is carrying over into your daily life. As you continue and your understanding grows, you will be able to apply what you've learned to a wider range of activities. Instead of a quick fix with a fleeting effect, lessons result in gradual change and long-lasting results.

How long should I take lessons to get the full benefit?

Most people find a series of at least 30 lessons, once or twice a week for three to six months, to be what's needed for it to become incorporated into daily life.  Like learning a musical instrument or a foreign language, time is needed to fully integrate new skills.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are typically 30 - 60 minutes.

How is the Alexander Technique taught?

The Alexander Technique is typically taught through a series of private lessons.  It’s also taught in group classes in performing arts schools, continuing education programs and other venues. 

Private lessons with a certified teacher are the best way to learn the Alexander Technique.  

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