Alexander Technique Group Class on Sundays at 3PM

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Sunday, October 28, 2012 - Sunday, December 9, 2012
Alexander Training Institute- Los Angeles
1526 14th Street. Suite 110
Santa Monica, CA 90402
Contact Phone #: 
1 (323) 963-4318


Take your performance and auditioning skills to the next level with an introductory class in the Alexander Technique! This gentle and holistic technique is in the performing arts curriculum of Julliard, NYU, Yale, USC, UCLA, Boston Conservatory, Royal Academy of Drama, and many other outstanding programs. 

The Alexander Technique is an educational process of teaching yourself to recognize patterns of habitual tension that interfere with performance; it helps to change those habits which may be causing stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Students of the Alexander Technique learn a practical approach to becoming more comfortable in auditions, and learn how to alleviate performance anxiety so that they naturally experience more authenticity in their work.


Maximum 5 students per class! Email to reserve your spot!


Leah Zhang is an AMSAT Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. She teaches private lessons and group classes in Santa Monica and Culver City. She will soon be expanding her teaching practice to San Diego as well. Leah is passionate about guiding her students toward discovering how easeful, upright posture can bring about more confidence, poise, flexibility, and mind-body awareness in their lives. Learn more about Leah's teaching and this class from the following student comments and feedback!


“To say that this class has changed my life is a profound understatement.  I had heard about Alexander Technique and its benefits for performers like me, but I had no idea how much this class would affect my overall comfort in my day-to-day life!  With Leah's gentle guidance, I have developed an awareness of my body that I never knew could be attained, and I have had my eyes opened to all of my body's little habits that were, unbeknownst to me, getting in the way of achieving my body's peak level of performance.  This class is a MUST, not only for performers, but for any person looking to achieve a higher level of comfort in their own bodies.  I truly cannot say enough good things about the experience I had here."-Lauren 


"Before Leah’s class, I knew I held unnecessary tension in my body but I didn't really know what to do about it. After just one class I was already feeling more relaxed and less stressed out. They create a comfortable and fun space to learn and explore and have given me more "aha" moments than I can count. I definitely walk into auditions now with more confidence and have seen a rise in the amount of work I'm booking."-Rachel


"I took Leah's class because I wanted to get away from teachers that work on 'auto-pilot'.  I wanted someone who was going to take the time to see what MY challenges were and not simply attend a cookie-cutter class.  Boy, was I happy with my choice! Leah worked with each of us personally and listened to what we wanted to get out of the class.  And the results have been remarkable.  At my first audition after the course, the CD commented on how my posture was perfect for the character I was reading for.  And even more important, I just feel better when I am using the technique. I'm much more relaxed and happy! I would recommend Leah’s class!"-Heather


“I have already experienced tremendous success with my goal: To reduce performance anxiety during my auditions and on stage. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS.”-Rasika

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