Almost Free Alexander Technique Introductory Group Class, Monday, August 19, 7:00 - 8:30

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Monday, August 19, 2013
40 Exchange Place 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10005
Contact Phone #: 
(917) 239-6313

Please register by email in order to attend.

Fee:    $5.00

If you can’t attend this class, I also offer a discounted rate for a private inroductory Alexander Technique lesson.

About the introductory class:

This is an introductory group class, not just a demonstration or lecture.  Basic concepts of the Alexander Technique will be discussed, demonstrated, and used. Activities will include simple movements such as sitting and rising from a chair, bending, and reaching. People who attend this class often gain usable skills that make a difference in how they feel every day.

Leland Vall, M.AmSAT is a certified Alexander Technique instructor based in New York.  He is the author of The Secret to Using Your Body and Free Your Breath mp3, and he teaches individuals and groups how to improve their posture and to breathe, move, sit and stand with greater ease and strength.

What people are saying about the monthly workshops:

This class makes you look at your body in a whole new way.

Very informative! I’ve come to realize the importance of posture and how I sit and get up from a chair.

I liked it very much. I thought that watching people move properly was as helpful as doing it myself.

I got an interesting perspective on how the body moves – actually how we move our body and initiate our movement.

I thought it was really eye opening, especially about allowing the body to open. Thank you!

Very interesting.

Good intro to method – perfect size to get a feel for what is involved. Very comfortable environment.

Great introductory workshop. Thank you so much.

I felt like my body was my friend instead of something that needed to be fixed.

Lots of info. Great!

I thought it was cool and interesting.

Clear and helpful.

I enjoyed the workshop and it gave me an idea of what I can learn through the Alexander Technique even though I realize it takes time to fully understand.

Very good – Its definitely a new way of thinking about the body. I now have a lot think about and feel into.  Thanks!

The class was very informative. It give you a lot to think about. I’d definitely be interested in taking more classes.

Subtle differences can have long term effect – this quick intro was informative, inspirational and well worth my time.

I’ve become much more aware of the positioning of my neck, head, back and legs.

This was a great introduction. I feel improvements already.

A very clear and enriching introduction to the Alexander Technique!

I found it helpful and interesting. I think the clarification about the use of my legs will help my running.

Good workshop, helpful language to think about how to be in my body and to be more aware of where and when I tense my shoulders and neck.

Helpful to learn about how the body moves.

Very useful. I feel more comfortable in my body. Interesting technique.

It was very eye opening and Leland did great job in making me realize what my bad habits are. I leaned a few valuable tips and I am going to be more aware of how I sit, stand, walk and tighten my neck. Thanks Leland!

Leland helped me to understand how to use my spine. During the walking he guided me and I felt much lighter and taller. I really liked feeling taller and more confident.

This class caused me to think differently about how I contract myself, how I tend to make myself smaller and how there is always a tendency to do that.

Very informative but difficult concepts to grasp at times. I especially feel more aware of my neck and head.

This can help the body function so much better and relieve tension.

The workshop was very helpful.

This workshop was filled with tons of helpful and useful information to help exist.

This was very good. I feel more aware of my body.

This was an interesting, useful workshop. It got me thinking about how I used my body.

Simultaneously challenging and yet absurdly simple.

Slightly confusing at first but worth learning.

Challenging for the mind. I like Leland’s teaching style, he’s direct, no babying. I didn’t think a group class would be helpful but it definitely was.

Helpful in understanding what the Alexander Technique is for and for coordination of movement.

Very interesting concept. Leland is a very enthusiastic and great teacher.

Excellent. I have been reading your weekly tips, but the class really helped me to understand the philosophy behind the Alexander Technique.

Interesting but difficult to grasp.

Many thanks. Wonderful workshop!

Informative. The class made me more aware of small, everyday movement.

It was very informative.

I liked the overview and the idea of how little energy is required. Opened my voice.

This was a useful introduction to thinking about standing, sitting and head position.

I enjoyed getting reconnected to the Alexander Technique.

Great class. I’ll continue to spread the word. Idea of taking up space – Wow!

The workshop was very informative. I want to learn more.

Great class! Thanks. It was a completely new concept for me.

Very helpful to understand the mindset of the Alexander Technique. It’s the first time it has made sense: Go up to go down or forward.

Enjoyed it! Standing in the chair. This may change my life.

Great workshop. Really helped me gain a better awareness of my body. I’ll be more conscious of my sitting and standing.

The concept of just doing 1 thing is a good way to feel better. I wonder about muscle clenching and how to use Alexander post injury.

Very interesting but I would have to learn more before committing.

Very informative. Made me re-aware of how to use my body.

I learned about becoming more aware of my body (head, back, legs, and feet).

I wish it was a larger space or a smaller group. Would like more information on shoulders and sitting posture. Helpful in being aware of my body.

Informative. Seems a little difficult to change quickly.

It was interesting discovering about my body.

You look like you practice what you preach. Your shoulders are relaxed and you have a resonant voice.

Excellent! It was great to get back into the Alexander Technique.

A very interesting lesson, I am intrigued. Feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg and I want to learn more.

First of all, thanks for your generosity and talents. I loved it. I feel invigorated and freer in my own body. More awake and alive.

I enjoyed it. I appreciate the subtlety and presence that this work requires. I really like the hands-on parts. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us.

Very enlightening about the body. Look at my body and the ground in a whole new light.

It was very informative – I feel a lot more open and at ease. I feel my energy going upward.

This was really informative helpful with getting me to relax more.

It was informative and generous. Thank you.

I loved it! I always wanted to learn about the Alexander Technique. You taught it well.

Very informative. Thank you!

Very good. Very interesting and different way of thinking and moving. A little more demos on what exactly we should do differently, like what you taught my friend on the table. Each person is so unique.

I found it enlightening and empowering. I like the idea of becoming aware of new things that I wasn’t aware of before, the option of making a new choice.

It was great. I certainly feel lighter and got some good tips.

Very interesting and informative.

I thought you covered the subject very well and I saw improvement in all the participants. Posture and neck freedom!

Excellent opportunity – a door opened. Thank you.

Interesting and original.

Very interesting and original. Shows how helpful the Alexander Technique is.

Interesting. Looking forward to handouts and tips.

A very different approach from everything I’ve been exposed to before.

It was very gentle and natural. Useful for everybody in today’s world.

Very interesting. Worth exploring further.

Made more aware I have to relearn how to use my body.

A good insightful introduction. Easy to understand. You immediately see how our bodies are constantly pulling us out of shape. It’s good to see there is a way to pull back.

Very informative. It’s a different way of thinking about my body and how I move.

Very good! Looking for more.

As an LMT it teaches me, reminds me to use my body more efficiently and think of it as one whole unit rather than separate parts. For my clients I now want to create space for them, elongate them, and release their hips so they’ll engage their legs and feet better.

Thought you would explain about energy. I thought it would be helpful if movements were described, for example: hip flexion and extension, hip acting as a cantilever. I wanted more specific description of the movements.

It was very good. I would like to take a longer class in the future.

I enjoyed the experiential nature of the class. Alexander Technique seems best learned this way. I would like to learn more about incorporating it into my body mechanics.


Enthusiastic and passionate presentation of the material.

Great! Really helped my back and I will practice. Thanks.

Very interesting. Lots to think about.

Thank you. Surprised that Alexander Technique is so different than I expected. Seems very hard but now happy when you actually got me doing it.

I liked the workshop and learned a lot. Interesting and practical.

Having studied dance for a few years, the Alexander Technique taught me a new healthy way of moving the body.

Great introduction to the Alexander Technique.

Very interesting.

Nice introduction. Thank you.

It’s very useful and informative.

Interesting. A different way to think about holding my body.

It was very informative and helpful.

It was a very nice workshop.

It was great to begin to learn about the Alexander Technique.

This demonstration was very helpful for me. It helped me realize many things.

Very insightful and informative introduction. Thank you!

Eye opening!


It was a wonderful introduction to the Alexander Technique and is immediately applicable to my practice as a musician and for my overall body awareness.I learned a lot regarding distinguishing spine vs. head vs. arms vs. legs.


It will take a while to absorb what you demonstrated and explained. Thank you. It was very different from other body classes.

The introductory information about the Alexander Technique, especially pointing the spine and releasing the head were extremely useful.

Very interesting to learn I have new choices in how I use my head and body and finding my space, being less task oriented, being more of me rather than being what I can do.
I thought it was good and could probably benefit from private instruction.

Very relaxing, very interesting.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this workshop. I would like to further investigate the Alexander Technique. The workshop gave a tine taste of what to expect. Thank you.

A very interesting introduction to the Alexander Technique, a different way of thinking about movement.

Excellent. Thank you. Very interesting, thought provoking new ideas.

Intriguing, I feel like I want to know more.

Fun and informative. Thank you Leland. A great introduction to the Alexander Technique.

The workshop left me wanting to learn more.

I like the interactive way of teaching. I got a good general idea of the Alexander Technique. I didn’t have the feeling that you only wanted to sell lessons.

Thank you, very appreciative.

Excellent! You clarified a lot for me. Very clear thinking.

Great, interesting!

Thanks – very interesting and informative. Thanks for the overview and demonstration.

Very valuable and thought provoking. Body awareness and gentle practice.

It was great!

Good overview, my introduction to the Alexander Technique. It’s a new way of thinking about how you move.

I have learned something about the use of my legs and how that relates to posture. I also feel less tension in my neck. Thank you.

Very good. I liked it and appreciate the time and your attitude. You have really helped put it into practical terms.

I thought it was interesting to see how small things we change in our posture or way to use our body can make a big difference in our selves.

Very dynamic. A good introduction; not too complex to be impossible to understand. Made me want to continue.

It’s great. Thank you Leland. I’ll definitely think about getting more classes.

Very good. It made me realize that I could do things to improve my posture and health.

I thought it was useful. I’m not sure how to put it into practice with cultivating more mindfulness with meditation.


Effective in sensitizing me to alternate ways of thinking about the way our bodies should move.

Interesting. I learned a lot.


Good, but class was too big. Thought provoking.

Very useful and pleasing.

I was intrigued and uncertain when you started. The process of going up helps me to better understand how to accomplish standing from a sitting position. I will use what you taught. Thanks for a great class.

A little confusing but I think I get it. More on purpose, not by habit.

Gave me a lot of food for thought. I’m excited to learn more!

Really interesting. Thank you!

I have a bad back and I want to learn better posture.

Helpful but a little confusing.

I thought it was enlightening. I realized how subtle it can be to move correctly, easier, and more efficiently as opposed to closing in and fighting against the body’s naturalway of moving gracefully.

Interesting and good for the stage.

Great. Reminding me why Alexander was so helpful at school. Already I can feel tension vanishing.

I though the workshop really shows a person how to really open up. I feel lighter and less tense already.

It was very enlightening and thought provoking. I felt lighter.

I very much liked the visual examples that you gave, such as the comparison of the finger and the spine. That gave me a better understanding of what I need to and how. Thank you!!

It made me realize lots of ways I am using my body incorrectly. I strongly recommend studying Alexander with Leland. He has come up with great analogies to describeAlexander Technique concepts.

Great. Enlightening. I felt like I lengthened even while watching.

Very informative. I am interested in learning more and applying it.

I thought it was very interesting. It Probably could have been a half hour longer.

A very good workshop. Explanations were clear and questions were answered.

I found the workshop informative and enjoyable. I would like to learn more.

I found a really light and easy way to stand. It made me re-think the idea of posture

Very informative. A new way to move.

I enjoyed the ideas and experiential learning.

You explain things about the body in an understandable way.

Thought it was very informative. Good info.

Very interesting!

I appreciated it very much! Thank you..

I liked the group dynamic and seeing other people move.

Incredibly interesting. Great teacher.

Interesting class. I learned a method about the body I did not know. Great class.

I really enjoyed it. I’m interested in seeing how it has changed the way I function in the real world outside of this class.

Great class. Makes me more aware of how I use my body every day.

Leland Makes some basic principles of the Alexander Technique so clear that we experienced the results immediately.

I didn’t realize how much pain, pressure and tension I felt in my body. I feel enlightened.

Love the fact that I raised my internal awareness of my body and how I live and act in it.

It was a much needed reminder to use the full length of my body. A a trapeze/movement artist, I tend to constantly focus on the tightening of my muscles to power through moves.

I thought the workshop was fun and enlightening. I appreciated your sense of humor and attention to each one of us. Definitely sparked curiosity and desire to engage with my body in a different way.

Thank you! Very informative. I feel like a already have a tool to use to start improving my posture.


Interesting Theories! This could be used for not just everyday routine, but also in martial art applications against opponents and in health applications.

Very interesting workshop. I got a new idea about the movements I do with my body.

Came in to singularly obtain a lesson to help with my herniated discs in my neck…came out with a lesson that benefits my entire body. Thank you.

Thank you. This class was very interesting. I need to learn more about it.

I will never think of a chair in the same way!

As a bodyworker and a teacher, I am always interested in encouraging students to use their bodies efficiently while practicing massage therapy. This workshop should betaught to all bodyworkers in all modalities.

Good for an introduction. Makes we want to study more.

Mind Opening! Really makes you aware of all the places that hold you hold tension.

Incredibly relaxing. Makes you more aware and appreciative of the incredible human instrument.

Very informative and interesting experience. Positive information to realize the stress we put on our bodies.

This workshop was very informative. I just wish it could have been longer! My awareness was opened to things I do every day and never pay attention to

Great, positive, upbeat introduction to the Alexander Technique. It renewed my approach to movement.

Gained a greater awareness of how I use my body and how I can free it more.

You are a bundle of energy, as a teacher! How great is that! You are clear and concise and give good info in a short time. Thanks!

It was a good reminder of how to use your body. The hand-on for each person allowed everyone to experience a new movement in the body.

Great workshop, really helped me gain a better awareness of my body.

Enjoyed it!

Very helpful to understand the of the Alexander Technique. It’s the first time it has made sense.

Great class! Thanks, it was a completely new concept for me.

Excellent. Very informative.

Very helpful and interesting.

Good pacing. Clear presentation of the concepts.

I am very interested in this and would definitely like to have a more in-depth experience.


Enlightening and relaxing; made me feel peaceful and more physically self-aware.

A new way to think of things.

Very helpful. This helps my lower back.

Wonderful! The immediate restoration of my body.

So helpful for relieving tension..


Body coordination and balance is essential for conductors.

It was refreshing to experience your approach to this methodology.

Great! Really helped my back and I will practice!

It made me more aware of my movement and gave me something to think about.

Very interesting.

Informative – Awesome.

I found it to be very interesting. Just the act of getting out of a chair became effortless and taught me that I didn’t need to use so much of my body.

Very good experience. Learned a good amount.

It was very interesting and informative. I learned to be more aware of the way I stand.


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