AmSAT Video Project: Video Task Force Updates

10/11/12  -  Video released!

Video URL (link to AmSAT's YouTube page):

The Video Task Force spent many long hours over the past nine months working together with the production team at Epipheo Studios on AmSAT's video project. Creating this video took longer than expected and the Video Task Force worked closely with our devoted head producer at Epipheo to give this project the thought and attention it needed.  Epipheo Studios graciously extended their typical production timeline to accommodate what our producer admitted to being a challenging project. Though we had hoped to unveil the video at the beginning of International Alexander Awareness Week, finishing touches were needed. We're happy that it's now ready to be shared online, moving it in the direction of "Going Viral."  Let's extend the spirit of IAAW all month long!

Our shared goal was to produce a video that will be viewed and shared by countless numbers of people.  This animated video gives the viewer a glimpse of the unique characteristics of the Alexander Technique and what it addresses in a clear, lighthearted way.  

Without your support, this video wouldn't be possible. Thanks to all donors who have contributed to our TOL (Teach One Lesson) Video Fundraising campaign. We're looking forward to sharing the video with you all in a few days!

Background of video project

If you missed the Promotion Media Director's presentation at the ACGM on the process of creating this video, here's a summary. 

Purpose of the video 

•     Introduce people to the unique benefits of the Alexander Technique in solving problems that they currently observe (such as issues of strain when sitting, standing, walking, exercising).  Tap in to what the viewer likely experiences on a daily basis.

•     Engage them where they are at present and encourage them to question their beliefs about their problems. 

•     Reach people at a visceral level.  People will watch the video and want to learn more.

Video's call to action 

Find an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique near you.

Target Audience

The main target audience for this video is people who use technology/social media.  These folks are most likely to see it and therefore share it online with other people who use social media and show it to people who don't.  The video or the information from the video may still reach people who are less fluent in social media but to reach them it must first reach someone to whom they are connected who does spend time online and uses social media.

Length of the video

1.5 - 2 minutes.  As above, the purpose of the video is to introduce the Alexander Technique and stimulate curiosity and interest in finding an AmSAT teacher for more information and/or lessons, not to teach the AT.

Video Task Force

Lindsay Newitter, Promotions Media Director and Video Task Force Chair

Anne Johnson, AmSAT Board

Luc Vanier, AmSAT Board

Matt Pressman

Anne Shivas, AmSAT Board

Jill Geiger, Information Manager

Dawn Shalhoup of Potion Public Relations (Marketing Consultant to AmSAT)


Please direct any questions for the Video Task Force to Lindsay Newitter, Promotions Media Director and Video Task Force Chair:


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