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Feb 15, 2015: How to Work with Seniors  Mary Derbyshire, Facilitator

Mar 15, 2015: Building Bridges with Local Teachers Theta Drivon, Facilitator

April 19, 2015: What Do the Affiliated Societies have to do with my teaching practice? Claire Creese, Facilitator

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The goals of the AmSAT Continuing Education Requirements are: 

1.  To maintain a high level of teaching skills within the profession by stimulating interaction among teachers of many levels of experience and by prompting inquiry into the history, development and application of the Alexander Technique.

2.  To maintain a high degree of professionalism and self-regulation within the AmSAT community by establishing requirements consistent with those of other professions. 

3.  To accomplish the above goals in a manner which respects the individual interests and personal development of all teaching members, which is consistent with the principles of the Technique and which is achievable by all Members without unnecessary financial or logistical hardship. 

Please download the Continuing Education Requirements from the Member Handbook to learn more.

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