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2013 ACGM Highlights

Thanks to Lisa DeAngelis, 2013 ACGM Programming Committee Chair, the ACGM Planning Committee, AmSAT’s Executive Director Betsy Kemper and the AmSAT office staff for a well-planned, well-organized, enjoyable and successful ACGM! 

A special thanks to each of the speakers and presenters, including:

  • Niall Kelly and Lindsay Newitter who enriched the welcome reception Thursday evening
  • Mayo Clinic Doctors Lynn Shuster and Diana Orbelo along with AmSAT teachers Laurel Podulke, Elizabeth Buonomo, Mary Derbyshire, Rebecca Ferguson, Caitlin Freeman and Lisa Levinson, Friday's Public Forum presenters
  • Rachel Zahn from France who presented her research on "The Embodied Mind" Project
  • Dr. Galen Cranz, presenter of this year's F.M. Memorial Lecture
  • Ed Bouchard, Rose Bronec, John Henes, and John Jenkins: featured panelists in the Sunday afternoon session which reflected on the contributions of Goddard Binkley and John Dewey, both to the city of Chicago and to the Alexander Technique
  • the esteemed senior teachers who gave private lessons and
  • ALL of the members who offered and attended stimulating workshops throughout the weekend
Some highlights from this year's ACGM

Distinguished Service Award

Jill Geiger

Certificates of Merit

Lisa DeAngelis
Joan Frost
Betsy Kemper Stevens
Lindsay Newitter

Certificates of Appreciation for their work on behalf of AmSAT

Sandra Bain Cushman
Carol Boggs
Rose Bronec
Lisa Deangelis
Ron Dennis
Lisa First
Joan Frost
Jill Geiger
Tully Hall
Sydney Harris
Anne Johnson
Meg Jolley
Glenn Kennreich
Laura Klein
Lisa Levinson
Karen Loving
Clare Maxwell
Benjamin Miller
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol
Lindsay Newitter
John Nicholls
Jess Prichard
Fay Putnum
Cecile Raynor
Phyllis Richmond
Frances Robertson
Charlie Schmidt
Anne Shivas
Mara Sokolsky
Nanette Walsh
Walton White
Ralph Zito

Teachers Celebrating Twenty Years of Teaching

Jacque Bell
Elizabeth Buonomo
Laurie Currie
Maedee Dupres
Gretchen Elliott
Cathy Fallon
Janet Gee
Mary Beth Hraniotis
Patricia McGinnis
Cecile Raynor
David Schamle
Harriet Shapiro
Diann Sichel
John Sipes
Laura Smith

Trainee scholarship winners for 2013

Each year AmSAT awards a $200 scholarship to teachers in training attending the ACGM.  Six trainees are chosen by raffle drawing during the month of March and this year’s recipients were:

Helen Farmer, ACAT (Brooke Lieb, Director)
Jeffrey Glazer, ACAT
Xochi John, ATU (Rose Bronec, Director)
Adele Nickel, ATNYC (John Nicholls and Nanette Walsh, Directors)
Peter Segner, ATI-LA (Lyn Charlsen, Director)
Carol Tennesen, ATMKE (Luc Vanier, Director)

Raffle winners

Carol Veldhoven: "Tastes of Chicago" Basket 
Adeline Anderson, Jo Gray, and Carol Tennessen: Alexander Technique Workshops

(Please note: due to time constraints, the raffle for the bookstore certificate did not take place)

New Board Members

Rick Carbaugh
Claire Creese
Theta Michele Drivon
Tom Vasiliades

Links to the Sunday afternoon presentation on Goddard Binkley and John Dewey

Special thanks to Holly Rocke for her assistance with this project! 


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