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2013 AGM: Results of voting

Complete minutes of the 2013 AGM will be posted on the Annual Reports and AGM Minutes page once they've been reviewed and approved by the Board.  In the meantime, below is a summary of the results of voting on the fifteen motions on the agenda of this year's AGM. (Complete text of the motions can be read in the 2013 ACGM: General Meeting Materials booklet.)

Motion I

PASSED  to amend Article II, Membership Section 10 of the Bylaws by changing the deadline date for AGM Motions from Dec 15 to Jan 15

Motion II 

WITHDRAWN to post the Board and Executive Committee Minutes within two weeks of approval

Motion III

WITHDRAWN  to add Article VII -A regarding Executive Committee Powers and Duties

Motion IV

PASSED to resolve that the Board's January 9, 2013 actions to rescind the Exceptions Policy and the subsequent June 21, 2010 Guidelines for Exceptions in Training course structure be approved

Motion V

PASSED a resolution to clarify the June 13, 2009 Motion to Refer and the TAC/TDC Task Force Report on June 19, 2010 in regards to the Article IV, Section 1A

Motion VI

WITHDRAWN to amend the Teacher Training Course Requirements of Article IV, Section 1, including provisions for courses with fewer than 5 trainees

Motion VII

REFERRED TO COMMITTEE to amend the Teacher Training Course Requirements of  Article IV, Section 1 (without provisions for courses with fewer than 5 trainings.)

Motion VIII

 PASSED to amend Article IV, Section 1 by some word substitutions, and by adding the phrases "under these conditions" and "in completing a 1600 - hour course"

Motion IX

PASSED to resolve that the correct interpretation of the exception clause in Article IV, Section 1C applies only to individual cases.

Motion X

Separated into two parts:           

Part 1 - PASSED to insert a new section in Article IV: TEACHER TRAINING COURSES, Section 5. Training Approval Committee

Part 2 - WITHDRAWN a resolution to submit the TAC Rules and Procedures to membership for approval at the 2014 AGM

Motion XI

FAILED to amend ARTICLE XII, Section 1 to insert the word "solely", before "by a two-thirds majority vote of the Voting Members"

Motion XII

PASSED to relocate and amend the section in ARTICLE II on Emeritus Teachers

Motion XIII

PASSED to adopt a resolution specifying "instruction offered by an AmSAT member via phone or internet…Is not a substitute for the presence and hands-on guidance of a certified Alexander Teacher"

Motion XIV

WITHDRAWN to adopt two models for One-on-One Apprenticeship in Teacher Training Courses

Motion XV

PASSED to appoint a special committee to investigate and study training standards and Course Requirements and to provide a yearly report at each AGM.


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