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ACGM Mobile Page is now available!

AmSAT is pleased to tell you that we have a mobile page for the 2017 ACGM. If you have a smart phone, tablet or even a desktop you will be able to use this page. We’ve included the instructions of how to access the page, how to log in and how to use it. We think that you’ll find it will make the ACGM more accessible and easier for you to find information about the ACGM, your agenda, the Crown Plaza Hotel where the ACGM is held and even information about San Diego in your spare time.

AmSAT App instructions

If you don’t yet have a QR code reader on your smart phone or tablet, go to the app store on iPhone or the Play Store on Google and search for QR code reader app. These are free and easy to download.

Once you have a QR reader on your phone or tablet, use it to scan this QR code (found on the linked document):

If you want to download by using the URL, click here. You can use this on your phone, tablet or even laptop!

Please note... this mobile page is available through your browser - you can access it anywhere you have cellular or internet access.

We suggest you access the app before you come to San Diego! You do not have to download it – you can access it through your browser. You’ll find a lot of information that will help you plan your ACGM days - and evenings!

Once you have the app, you will see 2017ACGM cover page that has several choices. To see your personal agenda, with the list of all the workshops and lessons for which you have registered, you will need to login by entering the email address you used for your registration and your last name.

What’s on the mobile page?

Once you have logged in, you will see icons on the home page. Here’s what happens when you click on each of them:

· My Agenda gives you your personal schedule (in easy to read type!) of all your workshops, private lessons, small group lessons and events for which you have pre-registered.

· Teachers shows the list of all the Alexander Teachers leading workshops and small group lessons. You can then click on a teacher’s name to see their biographical information

· Who’s Here! will give you a full list of everyone who is attending (except your name!). Click on a name and you can send them a message via this app – great if you want to make sure that you can both meet at a certain time. You can either scroll through the list OR search for a name. Click on the create link at the bottom of the screen to write your message. (Your name isn’t here because you do not need to message yourself.)

· This brings us to Messages! This is where you will see your messages that you have sent or have received

· We have included a link to the ACGM Website so you can easily consult it if you want.

· Hotel Floor Plan provides the map to find your session rooms - and your sleeping room, once you have checked in!

· Restaurant Ideas provides a list of dining options close to the ACGM.

·  San Diego! offers two links for your free time in Minneapolis – the Skyway map of downtown, map of Nicollet Mall with shopping and restaurants, restaurant list for Minneapolis, ideas from the ACGM Committee and 150 things to do in Minneapolis from the convention & visitors bureau.

· Survey – we can only improve future ACGMs with your help! Our ACGM survey is ready for your input. You can note your ratings as you complete a session – just don’t complete the survey until you’ve said everything you want to say!

· Silent Auction – check out the great items being offered for auction during the event.  Final bids are due by 7:30 pm on Saturday night.  (Hint: there are some great refresher courses from around the country up for grabs!)

Some other helpful hints about our ACGM mobile page:

· To provide this app to you at no charge, there are ads on the bottom of the screen, above the navigational arrows. There is no need to click on these unless you are interested in what they are trying to sell you!

· To get back to the home page, click the home icon in the upper right corner, next to 2017ACGM on the blue banner

· You can also use the < and > icons at the very bottom of the app to navigate.

Problems? Not to worry! Your friendly AmSAT staff will be able to help you at the ACGM registration desk. You will be receiving a printed copy of your agenda if you just want to use that (but, if you have registered for a lot of classes, you’ll find the type on this one page sheet very small).



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