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Board Member Nominees 2014

ALAN BOWERS for Treasurer

Alan Bowers is a teacher of Alexander Technique and a popular clinician. He enjoyed a long career in academia holding full time positions at California State University, Northridge; Simpson College, Indianola Iowa; the University of Hawaii, Manoa; and most recently part time at Long Island University. This Spring, he is teaching a class with Mark Josefsberg for Dashing Whippets Running Team of New York City. Recent classes on Alexander Technique have been conducted for the Western Regional Convention of National Association of Teachers of Singing, the University of Nevada Las Vegas in two successive years, and at California State University, Fullerton, also for two successive years. He served on the boards of three not-for-profits. On one board, that of a prominent New York City church, he was chairman during a period of financial regrouping. The noted federal judge, the Honorable Thomas P. Griesa, called the work of this board during this period the equal of a Fortune 500 company. Alan helped, in that re-organization, to reestablish communication with a board and its corporate body. Alan is an interested observer of financial data and a seasoned investor. He is wholly in accord with the mission of AmSAT “to establish the Alexander Technique as a basic and recognized resource for health, productivity, and well being.” He is founder of the group, a grass roots movement formed to promote non-invasive means for care of the back and spine, especially, but not exclusively, the Alexander Technique.

MATT DUBROFF for Board Member at Large

Matthew R. Dubroff is interested in being on the AmSAT Board as a Member-at-Large.  He is excited to share his organizational skills with the national community of teachers as an advocate for the Technique.  He hopes his connections with Academia and the theatre will allow him to support greater awareness for the value of the Technique to a broad spectrum of the population.   He has been a student of the Alexander Technique since 1988 and worked extensively with Tessa Marwick and Paul Versteeg, focusing on applications of the Technique within a theatrical context.  He trained to become a teacher at the Alexander Technique Training Centre in Virginia with Daria Okugawa and was certified in 2002.  He has attended numerous workshops, ACGMs and International Congresses.  In 2005 he organized the ACGM in Richmond, Virginia.  He is an expert in Asian Theatre, in particular Japanese noh theatre and performs regularly with his troupe, Theatre Nohgaku.  He also is a teacher of the Wu Style of Tai Ji.  He is currently teaching and directing at Hampden-Sydney College where he is a professor of theatre.

MARISA DE SILVA for Member at Large

Marisa de Silva has been on the Nominating Committee for the past two and a half years. She completed her training at Alexander Technique Urbana in 2009. Within a few years she did not hesitate to jump into AmSAT service with enthusiasm and began volunteering as a Nominating Committee member.  As a young teacher herself, she connected with recent graduates not only to make them feel welcome but also to share her experience with them. She also helped the committee create a database of members willing to serve our non-profit organization in the future.  We are sorry to see her leave our committee as she served with dedication despite her busy schedule as a music teacher, performer and Alexander Technique Teacher. However, we are proud of her growth in confidence and experience, which allows her to step forward as a Board Member starting this ACGM 2014! Congrats Marisa! Laurie Currie will be nominated to replace Marisa at the ACGM.

In the fall of 2011, I was asked by the Nominating Committee if I were interested in serving on the board of AmSAT. As a new teacher at that point, however, I felt that I needed to learn more about AmSAT as an organization and gain the appropriate experiences first before approaching a board position. Therefore, I decided to join the Nominating Committee. During my time as a committee member I had the great pleasure of connecting with AmSAT members from all across the country and gained much needed confidence and experience as an AmSAT volunteer. After teaching for 5 years and serving at a committee level, I finally feel ready to begin my next chapter in becoming more involved and to be of further use to the membership. I am very excited for the future of AmSAT and confident that my vision and experience would help propel AmSAT forward.


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