Alexander Technique Aids Surgeons Performing Minimally Invasive Surgery - Research Paper Places Second

Research conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center indicates that the Alexander Technique may enhance the posture and proficiency of surgeons who perform minimally invasive procedures, thereby reducing surgical fatigue and potential errors.  “The goal of our research is to prove beyond doubt that this technique works to improve surgical ergonomics and proficiency so that it can be incorporated as part of graduate surgical training," said Pramod P. Reddy, M.D, lead investigator and director of Pediatric Urology at Cincinnati Children's. 

The paper describing the pilot study placed second out of more than 200 clinical papers submitted to the National Conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in October 2010. The paper was presented at the 2010 Midwestern Regional and National Conferences of the American Urological Association and the National Conference of the AAP. 

Poster describing pilot study

Press Release


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