The Congress Papers: Learning from Each Other from the 9th International Congress of the F.M. Alexander Technique at Lugano, Switzerland August 7-13, 2011

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edited by Siriol Jones

The International Congress provides a unique forum for teachers to present and share their discoveries and experiences.  All traditions and levels of experience of the Alexander Technique are represented.  This volume brings together 51 papers from the 9th Congress:  reports from the Science of Human Functioning lectures, the Continous Learning Sessions, the Working with musicians wokshops and many more workshops.

These papers present both practical and theoretical aspects of teaching and practicing the Technique.  They contain a wide variety of traditional and contemporary ideas and views, representing a great amount of experience and knowledge from all over the work, offering fresh insights into the Alexander Technique as it is taught today.




Clive J. Mealey is the photographer of the photo on the left side of p. 337 in the Congress Papers: Learning from Each Other, 2011. This photo was originally published in AmSAT News, No. 83, Summer 2010. Photographs published in AmSAT News or AmSAT Journal are the property of the photographer; misrepresentation or use of these photos without permission is illegal. 


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