Control Conciente y Constructivo del Individuo

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F.M. Alexander - a cargo de Diego Kantor, responsable de la edición.


Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual and  is the second book of Mathias F. Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique, and according to the author one of his most important books itself. In this book Alexander develops in depth the value and importance to him shaping the individual at the time of trying to carry out the theories and ideas that advocates. Alexander giving a special emphasis on this conformation, the "sensory appreciation" and the role it plays in every aspect of our lives.



Alexander Walter Carrington defined in the foreword to this book as "a pioneer in the study of a single aspect of human behavior, a holistic study covering all aspects of the process of living" and that his books "have a similar value to Reports of an explorer who ventures into uncharted territory.. " We are very pleased finally to have the translation into Spanish of this important work that undoubtedly accompany each one of those who wish to undertake the particular personal journey that the work of Alexander proposed.




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