An Examined Life: Marjory Barlow and the Alexander Technique

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Marjory Barlow

Marjory Barlow, niece of F. M. Alexander, began training with him as a teacher of his technique in 1933 at the age of eighteen. In conversations with friend and colleague Trevor Allan Davies, she speaks in depth about F.M. Alexander's character and genius; her experience of the struggles, triumphs and discoveries of his first training course; the strengths and weaknesses of the various “streams” of Alexander teaching, and the historical roots of the schisms and conflicts between them. She speaks with refreshing clarity and common sense about the practice of the Alexander teacher and about the nature of the Alexander pupil's task in applying these principles in daily life. Includes appendices with Marjory Barlow's two Memorial lectures, as well as stories and aphorisms collected by several teachers trained by her. [333 pages, hb, 2002, Mornum]

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