How to Lose Weight and Gain Money: A Program for Putting Your Life in Order

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Vivien Schapera and Drew Logan

How to Lose Weight and Gain Money is a behavioral application of the Alexander Technique. The first exercise opens like an Alexander lesson, designed to increase the reader’s sense of self and restore the possibility of constructive conscious control. Chapter 2 is dedicated to identifying the origins and causes of habitual patterns and begins the process of building clear intention with regard to desired weight and money patterns. In chapter 3 the reader is asked to take stock of the results of their habitual patterns. Chapter 4 introduces the concept of direction. Two chapters, 5 & 7, are dedicated to ""How to Change"" providing an understanding of how change happens and providing resources for change, including the Alexander Technique. Two chapters, 6 & 8, delineate the means whereby for changing. The final chapter, entitled ""Keeping Life in Balance"" helps the reader ascertain his personal priorities and develop a means whereby for an intentional, balanced life. [185 pages, pb, 2004, Four Winds Press, LLC]

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