The Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander

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Michael Bloch

Alexander’s life story is exciting by any standards: from Tasmania to London, from elocution to an extraordinary innovative and effective method for health and self-development. This is a scholarly, well-researched and excellently written biography by a long-time pupil and professional biographer. In telling the story of the life and work of Alexander, Bloch conveys a sense of Alexander's personality and provides a psychological insight into the man behind the Technique. Bloch is not a teacher and so limits his comments on the Technique to a critical examination of Alexander's writings (he is not impressed) and contemporary reports by Alexander's pupils. Bloch’s attitude is respectful but not reverential. In the epilogue he examines whether Alexander qualifies as a ‘guru.’ This is a modern and highly readable biography which will appeal to teachers and pupils alike and which makes Alexander less enigmatic. (276 pages, ppb, June 2004, Little Brown)

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