The Practice of Presence

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Patty de Llosa

“The Practice of Presence” is about coming alive to this present moment, wherever we are, without changing our conditions. In “The Practice of Presence” the reader will find practical guidance on how to seek daily what we truly desire behind all the urgencies and obligations of our lives: contact with out own immediate inner truth. Here are the seminal ideas and experimental activities of five great spiritual paths as seen through the lens of a seeker's experience. T'ai Chi, prayer and meditation are well known. The Alexander Technique and Jungian studies are not usually thought of as spiritual, and the Gurdjieff teaching is relatively unknown. Each of these paths to wholeness is complementary to the others, calling on the body, mind and feeling in unique ways that can lead to a growing integration of all three. [316 pages, pb, March 2006, Morning Light Press]

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