Skill and Poise

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Raymond Dart

This book contains all the articles by Dart which directly relate to the Alexander Technique plus two articles on the subject of skill and poise. The former are “An Anatomist’s Tribute to F. Matthias Alexander” (1970), “Voluntary Musculature of the Human Body: The Double-Spiral Arrangement” (1950), “The Postural Aspect of Malocclusion” (1946) and “The Attainment of Poise” (1947). The latter are “The Significance of Skill” (1934) and “Weightlessness” (1961). The themes throughout are the importance of poise for learning and the embryological and neurological origin of the erect posture. Also included are “The Dart Procedures” by A. Murray (first developed in 1943). The book contains 37 figures (with line drawings) to illustrate the Dart Procedures and to provide some anatomical background information for some of Dart’s explanations. Glossary. [xiv+ 192 pages, hb, b/w illustrations, 234 x 156mm, index, Feb. 1996, STAT Books, imported]

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