Teacher Training Programs

AmSAT approved teacher training programs are places to develop personally while learning the art and craft of becoming a skilled professional, a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

The requirements for AmSAT teacher certification are specified in the AmSAT Bylaws and include the completion of 1,600 hours of training over a minimum of three years at an AmSAT-approved Teacher Training Course. AmSAT Teacher Training Courses maintain a five-to-one student/teacher ratio as specified in the Bylaws.

To receive Board approval, an AmSAT Teacher Training Course must meet the requirements of the Training Approval Committee (TAC). The TAC periodically reevaluates each of AmSAT's teacher training programs and their directors.


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F.M. Alexander working with a pupil

F.M. Alexander working with John Dewey, circa 1920

photo from teacher training 

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“The Alexander Technique ... We cannot ask more from any system, nor, if we seriously desire to alter human beings in a desirable direction, can we ask any less.”


“… I am offering a psycho-physical approach to the problem of translating ideals, theories and beliefs into practice and have shown that this calls for a fundamental change in the use of the self…”


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