Kai Kleinbard

(917) 693-9960


Creature Foundation
320 Dean St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
223 jay st unit 208
brooklyn, NY 11201

About Kai

Kai works extensively with people with learning differences (including those with ADD and ADHD). He is an executive function coach and director of bodyLITERATE.com, an organization supporting students with special needs. He also teaches mindfulness/meditation in various NYC schools, including Packer Collegiate Institute. Kai has been a (K-12) academic learning specialist since 2005, working with many of NYC’s top schools, including Packer, Saint Ann’s, Poly Prep and others. Additionally he is an avid dance-artist, and martial artist and directs the Institute for Playful Beings, a non-for-profit mobile laboratory that supports open play and learning.  


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