Betsy Polatin

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Alexander Technique Learning Center
47 Winthrop Road
Brookline, MA 02445
24 Norfolk Road 413 258 2820
Sandisfield, MA 01255
Boston University
855 Comm. Ave
Boston, MA 02136

About Betsy

Betsy Polatin, an internationally recognized teacher, is a Master Lecturer at Boston University’s CFA. Her background includes 40 years of movement education, and training in music, acting, yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. Her work is greatly influenced by the work of Carl Stough and Peter Levine. Betsy’s book, The Actor’s Secret, featured on ABC TV and Fox news, combines the principles of The Alexander Technique, Breathing Coordination, and Somatic Experiencing. As a breathing and movement specialist, she has had numerous articles published in the Huff Post.


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