Lisa First

1 (612) 822-3504
1 (612) 332-0501


Enterspace Building
4306 Bryant Avenue, South
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Midtown YWCA
2121 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Downtown YWCA
1130 Nicollet Mall (612) 332-0501
Minneapolis, MN 55403

About Lisa

Lisa First graduated from the Alexander Institute of Boston in 1992.  She has taught nationally and abroad for 22 years and is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She offers group classes and individual lessons in the Alexander Technique.  Lisa served on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Teachers for the Alexander Technique from 2010-2014.

Lisa has introduced the Alexander Technique in Russia since 1990 and has brought 16 Alexander Technique instructors to an international dance festival organized through Link Vostok, East/West International Arts Exchange, a nonprofit that she founded in 1993.

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