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Thinking Aloud: Talks on Teaching the Alexander Technique

Author/Editor: Walter Carrington

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This book contains 25 extemporaneous talks given by Carrington to this students in his training course for the purpose of clarifying particular aspects of the practice and teaching of the Technique. They have been selected and edited by Jerry Sontag from transcribed copies of his talks in the period 1966-90. Some of the titles are: “The Importance of a Teacher’s Use,” “Lengthening in Stature,” “Teaching Directions to Beginners,” “Lengthening and Widening,” “Knees Going Forward and Away,” “Hands on the Back of the Chair,” “Directing the Neck and Head,” “Whispering Ahs,” “Teaching the First Lesson,” “Breathing,” “Generating the Energy to Go Up” and “The Demand of the Constant.” Accessible, concentrated, distilled knowledge of 50 years’ teaching experience. [160 pages, hb, July 1994, Mornum Time Press]

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