AmSAT Member Features and Benefits

AmSAT membership is available to teachers who meet the AmSAT certification requirements.    

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AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting (ACGM)

Five days of continuing education workshops, collegial exchanges and social events along with voting privileges at business meetings. ACGMs are held in a different part of the country each year.

AmSAT Books

AmSAT Books offers books and other resources related to the Alexander Technique. AmSAT members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

AmSAT Journal

The AmSAT Journal is a professional journal dedicated to publishing high quality writing about the Alexander Technique. Published twice yearly, the AmSAT Journal features articles on practical, theoretical, and professional topics, as well as creative writing and artwork related to the Alexander Technique.

AmSAT Office Administration

As an AmSAT member you will receive timely and efficient assistance from our professional executive administrators.

AmSAT Website Teacher & Class Listing

Each AmSAT member has a teacher profile page on the AmSAT website to provide the public with information about their individual teaching practice. Members can also post classes offered to the public on the AmSAT website.

AmSAT Website Members Area

The Members area of the website is accessible only to AmSAT members. This section contains:

  • Marketing and business development section to help you build your practice 
  • Searchable online version and a PDF version of AmSAT Journal articles
  • Updates on Board and Committee activities
  • Latest news from the AmSAT office 
  • Individual teacher profile page
  • Ability to add your publications to our searchable resource database
  • Ability to add your classes and workshops to our searchable events listing
  • Individual continuing education log
  • Member Forum for dialogues among members about various relevant topics 

Professional Liability Insurance

Affordable and comprehensive professional liability insurance is available to AmSAT Voting Members through HPSO (Health Providers Service Organization). Information about this insurance is on the home page of the Members area of the website.  

Associate Membership Features and Benefits 

Associate membership is available to those who are not Alexander teachers but are interested in AmSAT and the Alexander Technique and includes:

  • Subscription to the AmSAT Journal
  • Invitation to workshops for Associate Members at the ACGM (Annual Conference and General Meeting)
  • 10% discount on all book purchases

AmSAT Associate Member Application Form (PDF will download)


Voting Membership

Teachers are eligible for Voting Membership in AmSAT if they hold a Certificate of Training from an AmSAT (formerly NASTAT) approved teacher training course or from a teacher training course approved by an international Affiliated Society, and reside in the United States. The same criteria apply to a teacher who lives in a country where there is no Affiliated Society. 

International Membership

International memberships are available for teachers who reside outside of the United States and who are members or are eligible to be members of one of the international Affiliated Societies (ATAS).

Additional Membership Categories

Student Members are those enrolled in an AmSAT approved teacher training course. Associate (non-teacher) and Non-practicing Teacher Memberships are also available.

Becoming a Member

For recent graduates of an AmSAT-approved training course:

If you are a recent graduate from an AmSAT-approved training course, the training director of your course will put your name forward for Certification and Membership. Once the Board of Directors approves your certification and eligibility for membership you will be notified and supplied with a payment form for membership. A newly certified and eligible teacher has three months to submit their payment form for membership. 

If you are NOT a recent graduate of an AmSAT-approved training course and wish to join AmSAT:

Please contact the AmSAT office: or 800-473-0620.  The office will pass along your information to the Membership Committee who will contact you to determine eligibility. Once all of the requirements are satisfied (including: continuing education, affiliation review, credential review) the application is brought before the Board of Directors for membership approval. Only after your membership is approved will membership dues be processed.

Credential Review Process

Teachers who hold a certificate from a teacher training course that is not approved by AmSAT may contact AmSAT ( or 800-473-0620) for a Credentials Review Application. If the applicant’s training is determined to be comparable to AmSAT’s teacher training standards, the applicant will undergo an evaluation. Upon satisfactory completion of this evaluation, the applicant will receive an AmSAT Certificate of Training and be eligible for membership. Applicants whose training does not meet AmSAT standards or who do not satisfactorily complete the evaluation may be requested to complete additional training.

Dues Structure

(as of 2016)

Full Voting Membership (4th year+): $270

Reduced dues for newly certified teachers (based on graduation/certification date)

     1st year: $155

     2nd year: $155

     3rd year: $155

International Membership (non-voting): $135

Dual Membership: $155

Supporting Membership (non teachers): $55

Trainee (enrolled in an AmSAT approved training course) : gratis

Members must agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and Code of Conduct of AmSAT.

Questions? Please contact the Membership Committee Chair: Amanda Blair MacDonald.  

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL information for current members wishing to renew membership.



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