How is the Alexander Technique Taught?

The Alexander Technique is typically taught through a series of private lessons. Over a course of lessons, your teacher introduces concepts and practices that expand your awareness of the functioning of your nervous system, muscular system and skeletal system. You’ll learn to restore optimal poise, balance and ease in overall functioning.  

As you progress in your study, you’ll find that what you’re learning applies to all areas of your life. Just as study and practice in a new language enables you to understand and speak the language easily without thinking, so does study of the Alexander Technique result in being able to integrate it into the activities of your life on an ongoing basis.

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In an Alexander Technique lesson, your teacher instructs you — with verbal and manual guidance — to approach movement differently. Not only will you learn to recognize habit patterns that may be interfering with ease, flexibility, and balance, but you will learn how to change them. No special clothing needed - normal street attire is appropriate. 

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