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Message from the Board on the Middle East Crisis

Message from the Board on the Middle East Crisis
The AmSAT Board wishes to acknowledge the heartbreaking events in Israel and Gaza. We have many members with ties to the region who are personally affected, and we witness and share in the anguish as a connected community. As educators, we recognize that our students are also carrying this heavy burden, and can commit to offering support through our teaching for resiliency in the face of these horrific and destabilizing events. 

As elected leadership of AmSAT, we uphold the organizational commitment to diversity and belonging as foundational values. We denounce any form of racism, hate speech, or harassment, particularly regarding the potential of rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.  We stand in solidarity with those actively working towards an end to the violence, and with those providing humanitarian aid. Our hearts are heavy with the unfathomable sorrow and suffering; again and again, we will return to our ability to pause, and to consider our shared humanity towards peace and an end to the suffering. 

AmSAT Board of Directors

Lisa, Eleanor, Geordie, John, Marisa, Renee, Erin, Amanda, Jared & Alice 

If you are looking for additional resources to further educate yourself, or are seeking opportunities to attend a training on addressing hate and harrassment, AmSAT Diversity Committee members have shared this opportunity. Click here  to learn more.

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