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Back Pain Solutions

Author/Editor: Bruce Kodish

This book explains the causes, treatment and prevention of activity-related back pain. It details a continuum of care which the author calls “posture-movement therapy and education.” Kodish, a physical therapist and Alexander Technique teacher, provides basic scientific background and an original body-mind model for understanding back and other musculoskeletal problems. This model leads to practical self-care guidelines for controlling pain and improving posture. The book is well-suited for pain sufferers as well as those who want to improve their posture and body mechanics/use. Physicians, therapists and educators will find some new and different ways of helping themselves and the people with whom they work. Alexander Technique teachers, in particular, will find some new ways of viewing their work from the perspective of posture-movement education. [317 pages, pb, illustrated, 2001]

Mfr#: B300


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