Alexander Technique for Artists of all Disciplines in SOUTHERN ITALY

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - Sunday, June 16, 2013
Kulturscio'k, Domicella, ItalyDomicella,
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where  The workshop will be held in the small village of Domicella, Italy -- a 50-minute drive from the city of Naples, the ruins of Pompeii and Heraculaneum, and Mediterranean swimming beaches. This is a beautiful, fascinating, and completely pleasurable area of the world, and I’m so excited about teaching there. I’m also pleased to be hosted by the marvelous actor/artist/producer/ director/creator Alessia Siniscalchi, and her multi-arts/ multi-locales organization, Kulturscio’k. Alessia and I first met when she was studying and I was teaching in the Actors Studio Drama School graduate program, New School Univ., NYC. We have mused about an Alexander- oriented project in Italy ever since--and here it is!

what  The workshop takes place in an old villa/house in Domicella, the Kulturscio’k Factory. Classes will be held there each morning. There is a small, ancient, public theater in front of the house, available for our use much of the time. Afternoons and evenings will be open time to explore the gorgeous, history- rich region on our own, work, collaborate, play and create together, enjoy local cuisine and prepare meals, travel to the coast for a swim, rest. Participants board in the house, and rooms are shared occupancy. For those who wish to stay on their own in a hotel, Alessia can recommend a place nearby for you to contact directly.

Just this past summer, I visited the Naples/Amalfi Coast/Pompeii region - it was incredible. The light, air, water, history, food, art, culture and people are an inspiration.

workshop - who and how   The workshop is designed for artists/creators of all disciplines - actors, dancers, writers, visual artists, musicians, designers, architects, computer wizards, teachers, producers, creative thinkers. People with all levels of Alexander experience are welcome. I’m confident that wonderful things will come from this mix.

 We’ll use imagery, improvisation and a variety of creative approaches to cultivate the vital link between a lively, aware and easeful presence in the body and access to the imagination. Imagery from the region will be a resource. We’ll also use traditional Alexander approaches - anatomical rumination, floor work, hands-on demonstrations and guidance, partner work, discussion. All students have one 30-minute private lesson with me.

I’ve repeatedly found that a fresh environment and setting encourages coming alive in the body in new ways. It can be a powerful, joyful experience, sparking insight and release from old patterns of body and mind. And, when the environment is ITALY -- fantastico!

If you already have experience with the Technique. this is an excellent opportunity to review, renew and deepen your connection to the Alexander work. If you’re new to Alexander, it will be an introduction to a process for change and presence that can serve you throughout your life.

discounted early registration - you're invited!

We offer a discount for early registration (by January 15, 2013). Get together with friends and start planning the trip now. Travel before or after, imagine swimming and eating in the Mediterranean (heaven!). Please come and join Alessia and me for five days of learning, playing, and enjoying life -- all with an open, alert, and released body. all the best, Judith

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