Alexander Technique featured on NPR (National Public Radio)

NPR interviews an AmSAT teacher a student of the Alexander Technique, and published author of research study on the AT.

To listen to the story and read the transcript:

Joe Rodriguez, a professional trumpet player, talks with NPR reporter Sarah Varney about how lessons in the AT have enabled him to relieve the chronic back pain he had experienced from four decades of trumpet playing. The interview includes comments by his teacher, AmSAT member Josephine Gray, and Paul Little, author of a research study published in the British Medical Journal. In that study those who had 24 lessons went from 21 days of a month in pain down to 3. Paul Little says that the research showed "a really dramatic difference" in back pain relief after lessons in the Alexander Technique from teachers affiliated with AmSAT.  

A video about the study is included on the NPR website.

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