The Alexander Technique: A Basis for Oboe Playing

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Andrea Fedele

This DMA dissertation focuses on ways in which the Alexander Technique can be integrated into playing and teaching the oboe more efficiently and effectively. Information about F.M. Alexander is given for readers unfamiliar with the Technique, including a description of the development and principles of his Technique and what to expect in a lesson. The author conducted a survey of and several interviews with oboists from the U.S. and England, and documents these in the thesis. She gives examples of the application of the Technique to posture, use of the hands and arms, technique, tension, breathing and support, embouchure and the jaw, articulation, practicing, endurance, and stage fright. Though the author makes references to oboe playing, most of the ideas are relevant for other musicians as well. [280 pages, spiral bound, 2003, Andrea Fedele]

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